Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

ubuntu-4110-1The best way to have Linux on your computer. 

By now you have surely heard someone speaking about Ubuntu, the Linux distribution that is most widely spread world wide. It is an open source Linux operating system that has as an objective to make the users experience a lot easier. Ubuntu has many advantages, among them a complete pack of native software, and a large community of users behind it that make this distribution grow each day.

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Native Ubuntu programs

When you install Ubuntu on your computer you will notice that you have a good selection of programs that you can start using instantly available:

  • The Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • The LibreOffice office pack.
  • The Banshee music player.
  • The Shotwell image manager.
  • The Empathy instant messenger client.
  • Ubuntu One, cloud storage application.

New Unity desktop environment

Since the launching of version 11.04, Ubuntu has a new desktop environment called Unity. This innovating shell is formed by various elements that try to improve the user experience. On one hand you will find the launcher on the left of the desktop. In this sidebar you will be able to include direct access icons to the programs of your choice, and it also works as an open window shower.

ubuntu-4110-2ubuntu-4110-3ubuntu-4110-7 ubuntu-4110-4 ubuntu-4110-6

Another interesting element of Unity is the Places button, situated in the top left corner, that will allow you to access all the files and applications and that will offer a practical searcher.

If you want to start using Linux, Ubuntu is a complete distribution with everything that is necessary to be able to make your experience unsurpassable.

Latest innovations of the new version

  • New kernel 3.5.4.
  • Firefox 16.1 as default browser.
  • LibreOffice updated to version 3.6.2.
  • Thunderbird updated to version 16.01.
  • Improved integration with web applications.
  • New file search function for online accounts and services.

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