Verify that Free Alarm Clock is allowed to wake the computer

Learn how to allow your computer to be woken up when it’s sleeping by timed events.

1. Open the Control Panel in the Start menu.

2. Open Power Options in the Control Panel.
waketimers1Note: If Power Options is not available, change View by to Large icons at the top right of the Control Panel.
3. Select Change plan settings next to the active power plan.
waketimers24. Select Change advanced power settings.
waketimers35. Select Change settings that are currently unavailable in the Power Options window.
waketimers46. Set Allow wake timers to Enable under Sleep and then click OK to save the changes.

Note: If the wake up function still not working properly, try to update BIOS of your computer.

Note: Free Alarm Clock will not wake up your computer when the laptop lid is closed.


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