Camfrog Video Chat

With new video streaming technology Camfrog Video Chat has increased their video  Camfrog Video Chatquality and lowered CPU usage; making it easier than before to keep in touch with your buddies or meet new people through video chatting.

Camfrog Video Chat has an average of 6,457 webcam chat rooms open at a time, where you can participate in one-on-one conversations or multiple people chat rooms at one time, keeping in touch with old friends and making new ones. You can also host your own multi-video conference, enabling you to control the subject matter and the people who join your conversation.

Download Messenger:Camfrog Video Chat

Camfrog has a likeable interface that resembles the standard instant messaging (IM) window for easy navigation. To use Camfrog you have to download the program, which takes about 15 minutes and 11.8 MB. You don’t have to have a webcam to use all the features, such as being able to talk to and see your friends, but you do need one if you want to be seen by your friends. Camfrog is available for both Windows and Mac users and works best with a DSL/cable broadband internet connection for the best quality and fast video streaming. Camfrog also works behind firewalls, routers and wireless networks.

The features of Camfrog include one-on-one video chat, a user directory to see who is online and thousands of video chat rooms. You are given the option to either join an already running chat room or host one of your own for more privacy. A downside of this service is that, unlike some other video chat IM software, it does not allow you to make a pc-to-pc call, leave video messages, or call a mobile phone or landline. Camfrog is a chat room only. You can schedule a time with your contacts to get on and create your own chat room, but that is about it. Other features include the ability to add text over your video, use IM Catcher to catch unwanted messages from unknown users and view unlimited video windows.

Upon reviewing Camfrog we found the security minimal with only a password protect and no method of blocking contacts. Upon reading their privacy policy we learned that Camfrog does indeed send your non-personal information, such as e-mail, to third parties for marketing and promotional purposes. If you don’t want to be receiving e-mails about products and promotions occasionally Camfrog is not the service for you.

For help and support, Camfrog has a help link that will direct you to a page with a list of remedies. You can look up FAQs, view a user guide, join a blog and more. Next to the help tab Camfrog has a contact link. This link, however, simply takes you to another list of problems where you can find your own answers. There are two e-mail addresses which have no link and they are included in a way which makes them easy to miss.


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