Eyeball Chat

Eyeball Chat
Eyeball Chat lets you..
Voice and video chat live with friends and family including multi-party conferencing
Keep in touch with friends and family with using rich presence and instant messaging
Chat with your AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo! buddies
One-to-one and multi-party text-chat with friends and family
Manage your contact list and phone book
Meet new people in the Eyeball Chat Rooms
Share files, music and photos with millions of users
Advanced calling features like call hold/unhold, call transfer, and call forward
PC-to-Phone calls using PSTN gateways

Download Messenger:Eyeball Chat
Visit Site:www.eyeballchat.com

New in Eyeball Chat 3.2
Stream-lined graphical user interface (GUI)
Integrated phone book in contact list
Drag-n-drop file, music and picture share
Search buddies
Picture-in-picture video display
Multi-party video conferencing
Chat and call history
Video snapshot
PC-to-phone calls using PSTN gateways
Comprehensive NAT traversal using Eyeball AnyFirewall solutions
Chat with your Google Talk buddies
Based on open standard SIP, XMPP, STUN, TURN, and ICE

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