Paltalk Messenger 9

Paltalk Messenger has an easy to use interface enabling you to navigate through Paltalk Messenger 9
the system quickly. Paltalk Messenger has three main tabs to navigate through the many community chat rooms and your buddy contacts. Clicking on any one of these tabs will display lists of people and chat rooms so you can see what’s out there and be a part of it.

Download This…Paltalk Messenger 9

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By allowing you to go into chat rooms and talk with others online, Paltalk Messenger is a way to get out without actually getting out. You can keep a contact list of all your Paltalk Messenger buddies as well as your Yahoo!, ICQ and AOL friends. You can enjoy full self expression with an assortment of text effects and emoticons. You can also file share or create a custom chat room of your own.

With the 10-way voice and video chat feature you can talk to up to ten people at a time individually or in a group session. If you need more, you can also create a free chat room that has the ability to hold up to 200 people.

To find the chat room of your choice, you can search by topic, language or by keyword. You can also choose to turn adult content on or off.
People from around the world join in Paltalk’s chat rooms. Meeting someone new is as easy as clicking a button.

Video Features:

Paltalk Messenger has TV quality video chat with a resizable live video screen or voice chat. It also has fun animations that work with a webcam called video overlays. In addition to this, you can pause your video so people on the other end won’t see what you don’t want them to see.


At the bottom of the Paltalk page there is a link to go to a support page where you will find a list of links for resolving specific problems. Simply click the link that best describes your issue and you will be directed to a page where you can be assisted further. You can also click the contact us link at the bottom of the page and receive an address or a telephone number where you can get more help.


Paltalk lets you explore worlds of subjects and throngs of people within thousands of chat rooms. Serious chatters will enjoy the diversity and endless possibilities. However, for video conferencing and pc-to-phone calling capabilities you should consider our top-ranked video chat IM software, Windows Live Messenger.


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