Tokbox is an online video chat service which enables you to chat with up to 20 Tokbox
people at a time. It requires no download and can be used with only an internet connection and webcam. It can be used in a variety of ways, including talking to your family or conducting an online board meeting.

Tokbox is easy to use with self-explanatory buttons and picture icons that are large and easy to read. Once logged in to your Tokbox account you can view video messages, start, schedule or view missed video chats and broadcast a chat.

With the add button at the bottom of your profile it is easy to add contacts to your list, or if one of your friends is already a member of Tokbox, you can search the system directory. Tokbox video chat IM software makes it easy to log into other services such as Facebook, Gtalk and Yahoo! to find new friends or to transfer your contacts from one account to another.
Tokbox has many features that can be used for any purpose ranging from business or religious applications to educational and personal ones. For business use you can participate in a quality meeting directly from your web browser. You can also record and send messages to clients or co-workers, conduct presentations and pitches and work with team members from different regions.

Tokbox can be used for various religious purposes such as conducting lectures, teaching series, counseling, and worship services. Tokbox allows you to broadcast to 200 people at a time, making it possible for members from all different backgrounds and communities to come together without having to make a long trip.

If you love to learn, but are not always able to make it to a classroom, Tokbox allows you to attend and participate in lectures with up to 20 people. It also allows educators to get together and collaborate with their peers and receive the support they need. Each plan allows you access to video chat with 20 people at a time, video message and text chat.

Tokbox has four different plans for the many features available and while the most basic is free, the more features you get; the more the price goes up. None of these features require a download and some come with a free 30-day trial.

For support or more information a help link is provided which will escort you to a page where you can look up FAQs according to category or you can send Tokbox an email with your question. Tokbox also provides contact information at the bottom of the help screen where you can be further assisted.


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